I want to edit my profile

Editing your profile:
Adding details to your profile lets you control and enhance how others see your profile.
Please note that critical details like Religion, Community, Date of Birth, Gender, Height, Marital Status and Mother Tongue can be changed only once after profile registration.
To edit your profile, click on the button below:

I want to change the display name on my profile

Changing your display name:
Your display name is what appears at the top of your profile. It is also the name which others see in your profile.
Your full name will not be visible to others unless they are premium members. You can control your privacy 100% while changing your display name.
To change your display name, click on the button below:

I want to hide or delete my profile

Hiding your profile:
When you choose to hide your profile, it will not be visible to other members on bebaha.com Your activities like sending interest, responding to interest, chats, etc are restricted till you unhide your profile.
We suggest you to use this feature if you wish to put your partner search on hold temporarily or you found someone but yet to finalize.
To hide your profile, click on the button below:
Deleting your profile:
Congratulations, if you have found a match!
However, if you are leaving due to any unpleasant experience, we will be happy to address that. Please note that once you delete your profile, all the details are deleted and cannot be recovered.
If you still wish to go ahead, click on the button below:

I want to add photos or change the privacy settings of my photos

Adding photos to your profile:
Photo adds life to your profile & helps to get more responses. It is absolutely safe to add photos as we have different photo privacy settings to control who can view them.
You can upload upto 20 photos. Each photo must be less than 15 MB and in jpeg, jpg, gif, png, bmp or tiff format.
To add photos to your profile, click on the button below:

I want to change or hide my phone number

Changing your phone number:
Yes, you can change your phone number. The steps are simple!
1. Click on 'Edit' option on the phone no page & enter your bebaha.com password.
2. Enter your new number & click on 'Verify Now'.
3. You will receive a 4 digit verification PIN on your phone.
4. Enter the PIN number on the next page and click 'Verify'. Your phone number will change after successful verification.
To change your phone number, click on the button below and follow above steps:

I want to change my Email address

Changing your Email:
Your Email address is the username to access your Profile registered with us. We send you Matches, notifications and other relevant communication to your email address.
To edit your Email address, click on the button below:

I want to delete my profile, it is inactive

Deleting your profile:
An inactive profile is not visible on our site and gets deleted automatically after 30 days. However, if you’re experiencing an issue with your account, we’re here to help, and will be sorry to see you go.
Once you delete your account, it is permanently closed and unrecoverable.
If you still wish to go ahead, click on the button below:

Helpline: 01752-995233 or Write us Facebook: fb.com/bebahadotcom

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